Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How much do you charge???

Have you noticed that I do not put "prices" on my web page, but I put your "investment" choices?  That is because the portraits and images I create are not just an item you can buy at any number of stores, but it is a unique, beautiful, expression of life at that moment.  It is an investment that you will love everyday, every time you look at it.  The portraits I hang in my office and in my home make me smile and bring me great joy every time I look at them, and that is what you will get when you choose Strawberry Snails Photography, Pittsburgh's Portrait Photographer, to photograph you.  From the session experience, to the prints, to even the frame you use to hang the image on the wall, I will help you choose the perfect way to show off your spirit.

"Yes, that is all nice and great, but come on, how much will it cost????" you say…well for those who want the facts straight and up front without haggling and having to spend a half hour on the phone with the photographer just to find out they will not be a good fit for you, I give you your investment options up front, and I am happy to say my session fees are not increasing this year, in fact I am going to give you MORE for your money! With every full session ($150 fee) I am giving you a $30 print credit and a mini album, that is a $50 value added. It is important to me that my clients get their images printed, and I want you to have the best quality prints that will last you a lifetime.  For those who take advantage of my petite sessions ($89) I am giving you a $20 print credit.

Please, please don't let your precious images sit on a disk, or on your computer; have them printed. Technology may change, devices may fail, and you could loose memories forever.  

If you have your memories printed on high quality paper, your images will be around for generations and you will be able to display them with pride.

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Jessica Leigh Larson
Strawberry Snails Photography
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