Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a day that some people LOVE and some people loath, while others just think of it as another day like any other day.  I personally don't think any gifts are necessary on this day as a personal preference, but I use this day as a reminder to myself of how important it is to LOVE everyday.  Not necessarily to love a person, but to love art, architecture, nature, and the many wonderful things God has given us on this Earth.  I personally am thankful for and LOVE my clients, those that entrust me with capturing their family memories.  I am thankful for the awesome City of Pittsburgh and all the beauty that surrounds my family in this amazing city.

So today, on they Valentine's Day, I hope you experience love in some shape or form and I hope you are surrounded by love everyday.

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Strawberry Snails Photography
The ceiling in the art room at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.
Strawberry Snails Photography
Snow is wearing me out these days, but I love it's beauty.  
Snow Heart
I took this with my iPhone after drawing a heart in the snow.  :)

Newborn Photography
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Portrait

Thank you for reading!!!

Jessica Leigh Larson

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