Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas time and this holiday season, and while I took these photos before Christmas, they definitely put me in the Christmas Spirit.  The love these three generations of lovely ladies brought to the camera was something special, and I was excited to capture this moment in time for the three of them.  This particular day we had a lot of fun, from traditional Christmas attire to fun flirty tutus, this sweet one year old rocked every outfit change like she was born to be a model.

This was also my first "gift card" shoot, which made the event even more special.  This photo shoot was given as a gift for a 1st birthday present.  What an awesome idea.  If anyone else would like to give the gift of pictures send me an email at  I would love to capture your someone special's spirit.

Enjoy, and God Bless.  Happy Holidays!!!!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

I got your back!

My Dad is going to turn 60 this year and I started thinking a lot about my own family and about my three brothers, and remembering what my dad always would tell us,"keep each other's back!".  He would always remind us to watch out for each other.  

Thinking about my own family, and looking at this wonderful family I am reminded about how strong the brother sister bond is.  I can tell this beautiful girl will always watch out for her little brother.  I am blessed to call this family my extended family, and I had a wonderful time photographing them.

Blessings to you all and thank you ever so much for your support!!!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Lengths of Love

It is hard for me to write this blog as I am so close to the husband.  For those of you who don't know I have known my husband for over 14 years and we have been married for 10.  He is as selfless, and giving as the day I met him.  He has always been a giving person, he gives of his time, his talents, his earnings, and this past week he gave a piece of himself for the act of charity.  The past two years he grew his hair out, something he had not done for almost two decades, and he did it for Locks of Love.  This is just one act of many that he commits regularly for others from the goodness of his heart and I am very proud.  I wanted to capture this moment for him ....  Please if you have time stop by Lock of Love's website and consider adding them to your list of charities to support. 


After the hair cut...forgive the quality, it was taken with my IPhone.

My husband....the philanthropist

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Beloved times Three

I have been silent on my blog for a while but that does not mean I have been quiet, quite the opposite. Things have been very busy for me, which I am thankful for.  I am approaching my own 10 year wedding anniversary which makes this post even more special to me.  I love capturing family love, and this blog bring together in one blog three very distinctly different families, yet they all have one thing in common...LOVE, yep as cheesy I sound right now there is no denying the family bond these three awesome groups had. The weekend I shot these families, it was cold and grey,  yet they lit my camera up with warmth and light.  I was planning on doing three separate blogs for each one, and then I decided to combine them into one, I hope they do not mind. I love capturing every family's unique personality, and I was glad they allowed me the pleasure to capture their moments.

The Smith Family

The Thomson Family

The Colacito Family

Many thanks again to these fabulous families, who let me capture their love and laughter with the click of my shutter.  Love Laugh Click...the Strawberry Snails way.  *wink*

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love is in the air

So far this Autumn had proven to be quite spectacular in color, and quite finicky with weather.  This week it has been in the 70s but this weekend (when I have two family outside shoots scheduled) it is supposed to be cold and rainy with the chance of snow....  boo hoo.  :(  Thankfully though, the weather was spectacular for the below family session I shot about two weeks ago.  I am just about finished editing this beautiful family's session and wanted to share my favorites with you.  I always have fun behind the camera, but I really enjoyed capturing the love that was overflowing between this sweet family of three.
Pittsburgh Photographer

Pittsburgh Photographer

Pittsburgh Photographer

Pittsburgh Photographer

Pittsburgh Photographer
Big thank you to this family for giving me the honor to capture this time in their lives.  
They are lovely inside and out.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall into me...

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the colors, the weather, the smells, the food, and the holidays that are part of this time of year.  It is a magical time.  Now having children I especially appreciate the magic, and love experiencing fall through their eyes.  The other day I took my kids out in our back yard and had a very impromptu fun little photo shoot, some pictures I shot with my Nikon others I captured with my iPhone.  Here are some of my favorites.  I hope that you all have a great Autumn season and that you get to eat lots of Pumpkin Pie.  :) :) 

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the gorgeous Jordan Class of 2013 at SVHS.  As the title of this blog says she sparkles from head to toe.  Starting with her captivating eyes, to her sweet smile, Jordan simply shines.  I had a lot of fun with her on her photo shoot, and hope her Senior year is amazing.   


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not your average pretty face...

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Taylor A.  I had been looking forward to this particular photo-shoot for a while as I love taking pictures of people and the animals they love, and I also happen to love horses.  However, with our first scheduled date getting rained out we tried again the next day only to encounter very cloudy overcast skies.  I am happy to say that despite the weather we were able to capture some really special moments.  

Taylor is not your average pretty face, she is also talented, athletic, and a great rider.  I do not know another Senior girl how can ride a horse competitively and play competitive hockey, all while going to school and working towards completing her last year in High School.

The sky is the limit for this beautiful girl, and I wish her lots of luck in everything she pursues.

Here are some pics from our photo-shoot.  
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cole one amazing guy...

This past weekend I asked Cole if he would mind letting me snap some pictures of him.  For those of you who don't know me yet, I am new to this business (three months in) and in my down time of scheduled clients I practice, practice, practice.  Since I have not taken male "senior" portraits yet, and since Cole is going to be a Senior I asked him to be my test model.  I could not have picked a better guy.  We had an easy going laid back shoot, and Cole was fantastic; with a smile like his it was easy to take a great shot.  Cole, besides being very photogenic is a great example of an All American Senior guy.  He is an athletic avid swimmer, smart, kind, and a fantastic older brother.  I am very proud of Cole, and very excited for him as he closes this last chapter in his High School career, I know he is going to do great things.  Here are some of the pictures I took of him.

Congratulations Cole!!!!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Miss Me??

So I have not blogged in a couple of weeks, and I have not picked up my camera in a week….WHAT!  I know I am going through withdrawal, however, my other life outside photography took over this past week, and I have just been a little overwhelmed…actually this past month has been very busy.  Outside of building my brand new business of photography, I work part-time at the University of Pittsburgh at their main campus.  I love my job there, and I love the people I work with as well.  So as you can imagine this time of year has been super busy with students moving in and arriving back to campus for the start of a new year.
The new school year is so exciting for me not only with my job at the University but also with my passion of Photography, this time of year I get to take SENIOR PORTRAITS!  That is so much fun for me, seniors are awesome, and I have several senior photo shoots coming up in the next couple of week, and am SUPER excited.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates!

Me and my kiddos, photos taken by Jessica and Ernie Larson.

Did you know??????
Did you know that I am a vendor for The Organic Bloom frames?  They are beautiful handcrafted frames only sold to photographers.  If you are interested in these beautiful frames contact me at

Did you know that I am a contributing photographer for IStockphoto??  I am super excited to have been accepted.  You can find my work on their site at  I currently only have two of my photos uploaded to their site at this time, but will be working this next couple of weeks and uploading more. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot Chicks!

Okay, so recently some friends of mine bought 17 chicks. They are a special type of chicken called silkies.  They are the cutest things and they grow up to be small fluffy chickens.  Of course I had to go and take their portraits, who could pass up the opportunity to photography adorable baby chickens?!!!!  Here are some of my favorites from my chicky photo session.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


My husband and I recently took a trip to the Big Apple.  All I was equipped with was my iPhone so these pics are not the best of quality, but I think they accurately reflect some of the views of our trip. I didn't go crazy with pics, these are just a couple, but they are a few of my favs.

To many the Staten Island Ferry ride is something they do to get to and from work everyday, it is a monotonous forgettable event.  For me and my husband it was one of the highlights of our trip.  The history we passed on that Ferry was incredible.

I love the Statue of Liberty, besides being an incredible symbol for our country and such a rich part of our American history, she paid my rent for a year and a half when I lived in Las Vegas...I will explain later that is a whole other blog.  {wink}

What drew me to these set us pictures were the lines in them.  My eye was grabbed by the lines, it was as if they were hypnotizing me, I could not stop starring into them. 

The "NEW" World Trade Center can me seen in this pic.  Last time I was in NYC there were the original buildings standing in those places.  It still makes me stop and give reverence to the heroes of that day, and those we lost, every time I think about the towers.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Cookie Time!

Pittsburgh Family Photography:

I read on the web today that an average person will eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime!  I also just learned on another website, that “Toll House”  was once a real place! Did you know that!  So in honor of my favorite type of cookie I dedicate Fun Fact Friday to the 

Chocolate Chip Cookie!!!!!!!!

Here is it’s history…
Ruth Wakefield, a former dietitian, and her husband, Kenneth, owned a real place called the Toll House Inn, which was located near Whitman, Massachusetts, in the 1930s. Ruth often cooked meals for her guests.
The website writes… “One evening in 1937, [Ruth] was making butter cookies and thought she would make them all chocolate instead. She cut a bar of chocolate into tiny pieces and added them to the cookie dough. She thought that the chocolate would melt completely and she would have chocolate cookies. When the cookies came out of the oven, the chocolate hadn't melted at all! Instead, the "chocolate chips" had kept their form. The guests loved the cookies, and people began to come to the inn just to eat the famous cookies.”

Sadly, if you decide to go looking for the famous Toll House Inn you will be disappointed as it burned down one New Years Eve in1984. Today the Chocolate chip cookie is the best selling cookie in the US, and in 2001 the common wealth of Pennsylvania declared it their official cookie as well. YUP you read that right, another reason why I like PA they appreciate GREAT cookies.  [heeheehee]
Social Studies for Kids also writes:
“How did Nestle get involved? Well, Ruth Wakefield cut up a bar of Nestle chocolate when she made the Toll House cookies. So Ruth went to Nestle with her recipe for "Chocolate Crunch Cookies." Nestle liked the idea, and they got permission from Ruth to put her recipe on the back of their chocolate bars. In return, she got all the chocolate she wanted to keep on baking those cookies.
Nestle tried to make it easy for people to make these cookies. They even included a small chopper in the package. Finally, in 1939, the Chocolate Morsels that we know today were introduced.
Pittsburgh Family Photography:

Pittsburgh Family Photography:

By the way if you are looking for the BEST chocolate chip cookies in Pittsburgh, look no further than Nancy B's Bakery.  They would make Ruth Wakefield proud! 

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