Thursday, July 26, 2012


My husband and I recently took a trip to the Big Apple.  All I was equipped with was my iPhone so these pics are not the best of quality, but I think they accurately reflect some of the views of our trip. I didn't go crazy with pics, these are just a couple, but they are a few of my favs.

To many the Staten Island Ferry ride is something they do to get to and from work everyday, it is a monotonous forgettable event.  For me and my husband it was one of the highlights of our trip.  The history we passed on that Ferry was incredible.

I love the Statue of Liberty, besides being an incredible symbol for our country and such a rich part of our American history, she paid my rent for a year and a half when I lived in Las Vegas...I will explain later that is a whole other blog.  {wink}

What drew me to these set us pictures were the lines in them.  My eye was grabbed by the lines, it was as if they were hypnotizing me, I could not stop starring into them. 

The "NEW" World Trade Center can me seen in this pic.  Last time I was in NYC there were the original buildings standing in those places.  It still makes me stop and give reverence to the heroes of that day, and those we lost, every time I think about the towers.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Cookie Time!

Pittsburgh Family Photography:

I read on the web today that an average person will eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime!  I also just learned on another website, that “Toll House”  was once a real place! Did you know that!  So in honor of my favorite type of cookie I dedicate Fun Fact Friday to the 

Chocolate Chip Cookie!!!!!!!!

Here is it’s history…
Ruth Wakefield, a former dietitian, and her husband, Kenneth, owned a real place called the Toll House Inn, which was located near Whitman, Massachusetts, in the 1930s. Ruth often cooked meals for her guests.
The website writes… “One evening in 1937, [Ruth] was making butter cookies and thought she would make them all chocolate instead. She cut a bar of chocolate into tiny pieces and added them to the cookie dough. She thought that the chocolate would melt completely and she would have chocolate cookies. When the cookies came out of the oven, the chocolate hadn't melted at all! Instead, the "chocolate chips" had kept their form. The guests loved the cookies, and people began to come to the inn just to eat the famous cookies.”

Sadly, if you decide to go looking for the famous Toll House Inn you will be disappointed as it burned down one New Years Eve in1984. Today the Chocolate chip cookie is the best selling cookie in the US, and in 2001 the common wealth of Pennsylvania declared it their official cookie as well. YUP you read that right, another reason why I like PA they appreciate GREAT cookies.  [heeheehee]
Social Studies for Kids also writes:
“How did Nestle get involved? Well, Ruth Wakefield cut up a bar of Nestle chocolate when she made the Toll House cookies. So Ruth went to Nestle with her recipe for "Chocolate Crunch Cookies." Nestle liked the idea, and they got permission from Ruth to put her recipe on the back of their chocolate bars. In return, she got all the chocolate she wanted to keep on baking those cookies.
Nestle tried to make it easy for people to make these cookies. They even included a small chopper in the package. Finally, in 1939, the Chocolate Morsels that we know today were introduced.
Pittsburgh Family Photography:

Pittsburgh Family Photography:

By the way if you are looking for the BEST chocolate chip cookies in Pittsburgh, look no further than Nancy B's Bakery.  They would make Ruth Wakefield proud! 

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Special Introductory Pricing!

Updated Pricing!

You have a lot of choices out there; if you search for a Pittsburgh Photographer you will get a long list of those offering the “same type” of experience. You may even have seen the Groupon and other similar ads offering extremely discounted photography sessions. What is a person to do?  This is my advice when choosing a photographer, and I say this not only as a professional photographer myself, but also as a Mom who has been there and had to make this decision myself formy own family. 

1.      Look at the Photographer's website, look at the gallery.   How do their images stack up?  Photographers post their best images online, are they what you want for your session?

2.      Look at the pricing.  What will you get for the price?  Are digital image files available, included in price, extra?

3.      Can you order prints from the Photographer and if so how much are they?

4.      What locations do they use for the shoot?  Do they give you options?

5.      What is their turnaround time?  I once had family pictures taken from a very good photographer.  The pictures the photographer took were fabulous, and I loved every single one of them.  However, after payment it took over three months for me to get my prints, and even then it was with lots of phone calls badgering and me driving to go and pick them up.  Needless to say it was the worst customer service experience, and even though I LOVED the images I never referred or hired that Photographer again to take my family’s photos.  (And just in case you are wondering why I don’t take them myself, if I want to be in them it is WAY easier for me to hire out.)J

I am confident that after weighing all your options Strawberry Snails Photography will be in your top 5 and with the Super Special pricing now being offered you would be wise to choose us to photograph your next session.  I am a newbie to the”photog” business but not to service.
Happy Friday!!!! (Fun Fact Friday will return next week.) ;)

Session Fees:   

$125 for a 1 to 2 hour photo-shoot within a 40 mile radius of 15085 zip code. Payment is due before the day of the photography session.   Included in the session fee is a DVD of all edited images and a $25 print credit to be applied with prints purchased through Strawberry Snails Photography only. (See Photography Session Contractfor more information on Payments, Images, and Copyright information.)

Strawberry Snails Photography provides the highest quality prints available.  We send all our images to a professional photo lab that prints on the world’s finest photographic paper, and offers beautiful surface modifications and mounting options so that each and every print looks picture perfect. In addition, every image printed in sizes 8X10 or higher is printed on a matt board so that the image is not easily bent, and is sure to last your family a lifetime.  Besides the traditional print sizes and photo products, Strawberry Snails Photography offers a variety of other specialty products for your images as well such as Luxe Cards, Posters, Stickers, Bookmarks, and even Statuettes and Wall Clings… could you image how amazing it would be to have a three dimensional statuette of your favorite family portrait on your desk or family end table, not to mention how cool a wall cling of the kids would be in the playroom!

Remember, how the final product is printed is just as important as the portrait itself.

Print Fees:

Mini (set of 8)                      $7.50
Wallets (set of 4)                 $7.50
4 x 6"                                     $5.00
5 x 7"                                     $8.00
8 x 10"                                   $15.00
10 x 13"                                 $20.00
16 x 20"                                 $30.00
16 x 24"                                 $35.00
24 x 36"                                 $70.00

 Gallery Wraps   
11x14    $90.00
16x20    $110.00
16x24    $120.00
 *Tax and Shipping included in prices above.

 Other products are also available upon request such as photo books, mugs, key chains, and calendars etc.  Just ask for additional pricing information if interested.

I hope to be talking to all of you soon!


Strawberry Snails Photography

Friday, July 6, 2012

Perfectly Poised Pepper

Over the holiday I had the great pleasure to meet Pepper.  She is an adorable 9 week old mini piglet, whom was perfectly precious and poised for her piggy portraits.  In honor of Pepper I am dedicating Fun Fact Friday to her and giving you Piggy Points.

·         Pigs are very intelligent and learn very quickly. They have been placed fourth on the intelligence list (humans are first, primates are second, dolphins/whales are third and pigs are fourth).

·         Pigs are some of the cleanest animals around, refusing to mess anywhere near their living or eating areas when given a choice.

·         Pigs are extremely intelligent. Some may learn tricks better than dogs.

·         Pigs live for 9 to 15 years.

·         Pigs snuggle close to one another and prefer to sleep nose to nose. They dream, spend hours playing, sunbathing, enjoy listening to music, playing with soccer balls, and getting massages.

·         The scream of a jet engine taking off measures 113 decibels. The scream of a frightened pig can measure 115 decibels. Which in my opinion means they would make excellent guards for the house. J

© Strawberry Snails Photography

© Strawberry Snails Photography

© Strawberry Snails Photography
© Strawberry Snails Photography
"I know of no other animals [who] are more consistently curious, more willing to explore new experiences, more ready to meet the world with open mouthed enthusiasm. Pigs, I have discovered, are incurable optimists and get a big kick out of just being." ~ Lyall Watson; from his book The Whole Hog

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tender Tonys

I had the great honor to photograph friends of mine last weekend.  We went to Mellon Park, in Pittsburgh PA, and had an awesome time just walking through the beautiful park and enjoying the sunset.  The pictures just happened, they all were beautiful but here are a couple of my favorites from the day.  If you are live in Pittsburgh or come to visit make sure you take a walk through Mellon Park, there are so many lovely spots there to just take in the atmosphere.  Not to mention on Sundays this month they have Bach, Beethoven, and Brunch from 10:30 to noon where you and the family can go to the park listen to magnificent music, and bring a picnic lunch. It is a great treat that the city offers free.

Mellon Park Pittsburgh
pittsburgh photographer

Family PhotographerFamily Photographer

Pittsburgh Photographer

Family PhotographyFamily Photography

Family Photography

Pittsburgh Photographer

Pittsburgh Photographer

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I am slacking....I have some really fun photos from a photo shoot I did with some dear friends of mine at Mellon Park here in Pittsburgh, and I have yet to post them.  Soon...I promise. :) 

What are everyone's plans for the 4th of July??  For me and my family it will be spent together with friends and a pig.  Yes, I said pig.  We have friends who just adopted a gorgeous miniature pig, and I can't wait to see it.  My BFF NIKON is coming with me to see her, so you will get to see the pretty lady soon as well.

Leave me a comment!  I would love to hear from you all out there.  Tell me how you are spending the day tomorrow.

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