Friday, August 24, 2012

Miss Me??

So I have not blogged in a couple of weeks, and I have not picked up my camera in a week….WHAT!  I know I am going through withdrawal, however, my other life outside photography took over this past week, and I have just been a little overwhelmed…actually this past month has been very busy.  Outside of building my brand new business of photography, I work part-time at the University of Pittsburgh at their main campus.  I love my job there, and I love the people I work with as well.  So as you can imagine this time of year has been super busy with students moving in and arriving back to campus for the start of a new year.
The new school year is so exciting for me not only with my job at the University but also with my passion of Photography, this time of year I get to take SENIOR PORTRAITS!  That is so much fun for me, seniors are awesome, and I have several senior photo shoots coming up in the next couple of week, and am SUPER excited.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates!

Me and my kiddos, photos taken by Jessica and Ernie Larson.

Did you know??????
Did you know that I am a vendor for The Organic Bloom frames?  They are beautiful handcrafted frames only sold to photographers.  If you are interested in these beautiful frames contact me at

Did you know that I am a contributing photographer for IStockphoto??  I am super excited to have been accepted.  You can find my work on their site at  I currently only have two of my photos uploaded to their site at this time, but will be working this next couple of weeks and uploading more. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot Chicks!

Okay, so recently some friends of mine bought 17 chicks. They are a special type of chicken called silkies.  They are the cutest things and they grow up to be small fluffy chickens.  Of course I had to go and take their portraits, who could pass up the opportunity to photography adorable baby chickens?!!!!  Here are some of my favorites from my chicky photo session.